• Are you an Overwatch super fan? Test your knowledge with this quiz.


    1. What was the name of the teleporting fighter plane Overwatch invented?

    2. What's the name of Winston's AI system?

    3. What is Widowmaker's secondary ability called?

    4. In the Overwatch comic 'Reflections', what is the name of Tracer's girlfriend?

    5. What two characters in the cast are related and brothers?

    6. Who is the lead developer of the Overwatch team?

    7. What is the enemy organisation that Overwatch fights against called?

    8. Who was the first hero added onto the base game?

    9. What is D.Va's real name?

    10. Pharah's ultimate ability releases rockets flying from the sky; what's it called?

    11. What is the name of the payload map that takes place in London?

    12. What is the cooldown time on Soldier 76's healing move, Biotic Field? 

    13. During the second Summer Games Event, Mercy received a new legendary skin. What is it called?

    14. What is the name of the bird that follows Bastion around?

    15. How many Arena game mode maps are there?

    16. What is the name of Widowmaker's deceased husband?

    17. How many people must you resurrect at once to unlock Mercy's 'Cute' spray?

    18. What year did Blizzard first announce Overwatch's release and where?

    19. What was the name of the game mode during the 2016 Halloween event?

    20. What was the name of the Omnic peace leader & icon that Widowmaker assassinated in the short 'Alive'?

    21. What does Junkrat yell to the opposing team while using his ultimate? 

    22. How many heroes in total are there as of July, 2017?

    23. What company did Lucio steal tech from for the revolution?

    24. What was the name of the rebellion Omnics threw against their creators?

    25. What hero role is Doomfist?





    1. The Slipstream.

    2. Athena.

    3. Venom Mine.

    4. Emily.

    5. Hanzo and Genji, the Shimada brothers.

    6. Jeff Kaplan. 

    7. Talon.

    8. Ana.

    9. Hana Song.

    10. Barrage.

    11. Kings Row.

    12. Fifteen seconds.

    13. Winged Victory.

    14. Ganymede.

    15. Four.

    16. Gérard Lacroix.

    17. Four or more (five).

    18. At Blizzcon in 2014.

    19. Junkenstein's Revenge. 

    20. Mondatta.

    21. "Fire in the hole!"

    22. Twenty-five.

    23. Vishkar Corporation.

    24. The Omnic Crisis.

    25. Offensive.