• 1. How many goals did Gary Lineker score for England?

    2. Who were the first nation to defeat England after their 1966 World Cup triumph?

    3. For which Italian club was Mark Hateley playing when selected for England in 1985?

    4. Who holds the record for the most number of England caps?

    5. And how many did he win?

    6. At the 1986 World Cup finals, England fielded two players with the same name. What was it?

    7. Who captained England at Euro 2000?

    8. Steve Bloomer won 23 England caps btween 1895 and 1907. For which two clubs did he play in that time?

    9. Which former England captain married one of the Beverly Sisters?

    10. Against which country did Trevor Brooking win his first England Cap?

    11. With which non-League side did Stuart Pearce play before his transfer to Coventry City?

    12. Who was the last Third Division player to be capped by England?

    13. Who became the 1,000th player to be selected for England, in September 1987?

    14. Who scored a hat-trick against Poland in a 1999 European Championship qualifier at Wembley?

    15. How many England caps did Bryan Robson win?

    16. Who scored in six consecutive England appearances from 1981 to 1982?

    England Football Quiz Answers

    1. 48

    2. Scotland

    3. AC Milan

    4. Peter Shilton

    5. 125

    6. Gary Stevens (one played for Spurs, the other for Everton)

    7. Alan Shearer

    8. Derby County an Middlesbrough

    9. Billy Wright

    10. Portugal

    11. Wealdstone

    12. Steve Bull (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

    13. Neil Webb

    14. Paul Scholes

    15. 90

    16. Paul Mariner


  • 1. Who won his first England cap in 1950 at the age of 38?

    2. How many goals did Emlyn Hughes score for England?

    3. How many England caps did Terry Butcher win?

    4. Who was the first black player to captain England?

    5. How many hat-tricks did Jimmy Greaves score in an England shirt?

    6. How long did Stanley Matthews' international career last?

    7. When did Bryan Robson win his first England cap?

    8. How many England caps did Brian Clough win?

    9. Against which South American country did Bobby Moore win his first England cap?

    10. In which year did David Beckham win his first England cap?

    11. Which 'Lion of Vienna' scored 30 goals in just 33 England  appearances?

    12. Which future Spurs manager scored within 30 seconds of his England debut?

    13. Ray Pointer won three England caps in 1962. Which club did he play for at the time?

    14. Who scored England's last goal under Graham Taylor?

    15. Which country did England beat 4-2 at Wembley in 1990?

    16. For which club was Kenny Sansom playing when he won his fist England cap?

    1. Leslie Compton

    2. One

    3. 77

    4. Pal Ince

    5. Six

    6. 22 years

    7. 1980

    8. Two

    9. Peru

    10. 1997

    11. Nat Lofthouse

    12. Bill Nicholson

    13. Burnley

    14. Ian Wright

    15. Czechoslovakia 

    16. Crystal Palace

  • 1. Which referee was sent sprawling by Paolo Di Canio?

    2. Who was the first referee to take charge of an FA Cup final and a League Cup final at Wembley?

    3. From which Welsh town did Clive Thomas hail?

    4. Which English referee officiated in that capacity at the 1994 World Cup finals? 

    5. Which 1970s referee was nicknamed 'Mr. Pickwick' for his bushy sideburns?

    6. Which referee is a Harrow schoolmaster?

    7. Which referee was attacked by a supporter at Millwall in 1967?

    8. Which Welsh referee officiated at all three World Cup finals in the 1950s?

    9. Which referee later became Minister for Sport?

    10. Which Yorkshire based  referee kept order on TV's 'It's a Knockout'?

    11. What was the nationality of the referee at the 1966 World Cup final?

    12. What was the unfortunate name of the referee at the 1878 FA Cup final?

    13. Which referee walked off during a 1988 match between Barnsley and Liverpool?

    14. Which referee was hit by a hot dog thrown from the crowd at Oldham in 1998?

    15. In which year did Jack Taylor referee the FA Cup final?

    16. Who was  the first black referee to be appointed to the Premiership list?

    1. Paul Alcock

    2. Jim Finner

    3. Treorchy

    4. Philip Don

    5. Roger Kirkpatrick

    6. David Elleray

    7. Norman Burtenshaw

    8. Mervyn Griffiths

    9. Denis Howell

    10. Arthur Ellis

    11. Swiss

    12. S.R. Bastard

    13. Gary Willard

    14. Paul Durkin

    15. 1966

    16. Uriah Rennie