• 1. Which band included Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel?

    2. Which band recorded the album The Joshua Tree?

    3. Marti Pellow was the lead singer with which group?

    4. In the 70s who put A Message In A Bottle?

    5. Who fronted the Boomtown Rats?

    6. Which boy band had No.1's with Babe and Sure?

    7. Dave Gilmore and Roger Waters were in which long lasting group?

    8. Which group became the first to have the word Pumpkins in their name?

    9. Which group flew into the Hotel California?

    10. Which Paul was in Style Council and Jam?

    11. Who did Vic Reeves sing with?

    12. Which US Boys band featured three members of the Wilson family?

    13. Which band recorded the album Parallel Lines?

    14. How many members were in the Eurythmics? 

    15. Which movement did The Sex Pistols begin?

    16. What word was replaced by the letter T in T.Rex?

    17. How many brothers were in the original Jackson family line up?

    18. How many boys were there in the Pet Shop Boys

    19. What was Adam backed by?

    20. Which band had Noddy as lead singer?

    21. What did the letter O stand for in ELO?

    22. Pictures of Matchstick Men was the first hit for which veteran rockers?

    23. Teeny boppers The Bay City Rollers were from which country?

    24. Which band featured Paul McGuigan?

    25. Which all time great band featured Harrison and Starkey?

    1. Genesis

    2. U2

    3. Wet Wet Wet

    4. Police

    5. Bob Geldolf

    6. Take That

    7. Pink Floyd

    8. Smashing Pumpkins

    9. The Eagles

    10. Weller

    11. The Wonder Stuff

    12. The Beach Boys

    13.  Blondie

    14. Two

    15. Punk

    16. Tyrannosaurus

    17. Five

    18. Two

    19. The Ants

    20. Slade

    21. Orchestra

    22. Status Quo

    23. Scotland

    24. Oasis

    25. The Beatles

  • 1. Who recorded the Immaculate Collection?

    2. What was certainly  the debut album by Oasis?

    3. Which Lionel sang with The Commodores?

    4. In which US state was Elvis Presley's mansion?

    5. What was the title of the first album form The Spice Girls?

    6. I Will Always Love You was an early 90s hit for which superstar?

    7. Alan, Jay and Donny were part of which 70's group?

    8. Who first charted as a solo performer with Careless Whisper?

    9. Which group is made up of Gibbs?

    10. What instrument does Charlie Watts play in the Rolling Stones?

    11. Who was the first to leave Take That?

    12. Who teamed up with Barbra Streisand for Tell Him?

    13. Who was the original lead singer with The Supremes?

    14. How many people were in the original Queen?

    15. Who became the most famous group formed in Colchester?

    16. In which decade was Elton John's original Candle In The Wind a hit?

    17. Baker, Bruce and Clapton formed which 60s supergroup?

    18. In 1996 Robert Hoskins was convicted of stalking which star?

    19. Which supergroup contains The Edge?

    20. Who has recorded with Elton John, Queen, Lisa Stansfield and Toby Bourke?

    21. Which band produced the mega selling album Rumours?

    22. What was the first All Saints record to sell a million?

    23. Visions Of Love was the first British top ten hit for which female superstar?

    24. Which Hotel gave Elvis his first British chart hit?

    25. Which group wrote the songs for the movie Saturday Night Fever?


    1. Madonna

    2. Definitely Maybe

    3. Richie

    4. Tennessee

    5. Spice

    6. Whitney Houston

    7. The Osmonds

    8. George Michael

    9. The Bee Gees

    10. Drums

    11. Robbie Williams

    12. Celine Dion

    13. Diana Ross

    14. Four

    15. Blur

    16. 70s

    17. Cream

    18. Madonna

    19. U2

    20. George Michael

    21. Fleetwood Mac

    22. Never Ever

    23. Mariah Carey

    24. Heartbreak

    25. The Bee Gees