pot luck


    1. What nationality is golfer Gary Player?
    2. Who wrote the novel on which Benjamin Britten based his opera The Turn of the Screw?
    3. How many wisdom teeth does the average adult have?
    4. The United States has four mainland time zones. Three of them are Pacific, Mountain, and Eastern. What is the fourth?
    5. Which British racing driver has won the most Grand Prix races?
    6. What is the name given to the moon that follows the Harvest Moon?
    7. On what date is Bastille day celebrated in France?
    8. Which country gives a Christmas tree to Britain every year?
    9. What race of nomadic people inhabit northern Scandinavia?
    10. What Paris club is famous for the can-can?
    11. Who is the patron saint of grave-diggers?
    12. The nests from which type of birds are used in birds' nest soup?
    13. What was the nickname of the German aviator Baron von Richthofen?
    14. British drivers call it a bumper. What do Americans call it?
    15. What does white smoke coming from the Vatican chimney mean?
    16. According to the proverb, what is nine-tenths of the law?
    17. What do we call a chicken when it is under one year old?
    18. Who sang Wake up Little Susie, Cathy's Clown and All I have to do is Dream?
    19. Who is the young diary writer in the books by Sue Townsend?
    20. What was nicknamed the 'Tin Lizzie'?
    21. What name is given to the climate that would be produced by nuclear warfare?
    22. Which American state was named for the wife of Charles I?
    23. In mythology, which nymph was turned into a laurel bush to save her from Apollo?
    24. In 1991 Slovenia declared its independence from which country?
    25. Which artist angered Henry VIII by painting a flattering portrait of Anne of Cleves?



    1. South African
    2. Henry James
    3. Four
    4. Central
    5. Jackie Stewart
    6. Hunter's moon
    7. July 14
    8. Norway
    9. Lapps
    10. Moulin Rouge
    11. St. Anthony
    12. Chinese swallows
    13. The Red Baron
    14. Fender
    15. A new pope has been elected
    16. Possession
    17. Pullet
    18. Everly Brothers
    19. Adrian Mole
    20. Model T Ford
    21. Nuclear Winter
    22. Maryland
    23. Daphne
    24. Yugoslavia 
    25. Hans Holbein
  • Questions:

    1. Which country produced Gruyere cheese?

    2. Who was invested as Prince of Wales in 1969?

    3. Francis Drake's ship Pelican was renamed what?

    4. Which opera by Gilbert and Sullivan is set in Venice?

    5. Did John Le Carre write thrillers or romantic fiction?

    6. Which London Street was home to several British newspapers?

    7. Which country has Ipswich as its county town?

    8. What shape are the teeth on pinking shears?

    9. Which Saint is commemorated on the 17th of March?

    10. Which Zodiac sign is normally associated with two fishes?

    11. What kind of food is borscht?

    12. What is the minimum age for leaving school in England?

    13. In snooker, how many points is the brown ball worth?

    14. Which TV programme has the logo QS?

    15. What kind of animals were Cupid, Donner and Blitzen?

    16. In which sport would you use a caddie?

    17. Which science looks at the planets and the stars?

    18. According to the proverb, which Italian city wasn't built in a day?

    19. What is the first letter of the Greek alphabet?

    20. What is a Shih-tzu?

    21. Which country does the wine claret come from?

    22. In tennis, what does the initial L in LTA stand for?

    23. What kind of plants are sage, lovage and basil?

    24. Which London park was named after a colour?

    25. Who were the UK's first Eurovision winners after Bucks Fizz?

    26. If you bought Le Figaro in France what would you be buying?

    27. An elver is a young what?

    28. What is kelp?

    29. Which film featured the Von Trapp Family?

    30. What is the county town of Dorset?



    1. Switzerland

    2. Charles

    3. Golden Hind

    4. The Gondoliers

    5. Thrillers

    6. Fleet Street

    7. Suffolk

    8. V-shaped

    9. St Patrick

    10. Pisces

    11. Beetroot soup

    12. 16 years

    13. 4

    14. A Question of Sport

    15. Reindeer

    16. Golf

    17. Astronomy

    18. Rome

    19. Alpha

    20. A dog

    21. France

    22. Lawn

    23. Herbs

    24. Green

    25. Katrina and the Waves

    26. A newspaper

    27. Eel

    28. Seaweed

    29. The Sound of Music

    30. Dorchester

  • Questions:

    1. What does T stand for in the initials V.A.T?

    2. What does a Venus fly-trap trap?

    3. Which movement was founded by Lord Baden-Powell?

    4. What day precedes Ash Wednesday?

    5. In snooker, is the pink ball or the brown ball of higher value?

    6. Which sign of the Zodiac is pictured by an archer?

    7. What is the principal county town of Buckinghamshire?

    8. Which animal is often given the nickname Brock?

    9. Who was Patsy Kensit's third husband?

    10. Which Shakespeare play features the Capulets and Montagues?

    11. Which country was called Albion by the Greeks and Romans?

    12. In which country is the battle site of El Alamein?

    13. Great oak trees gown from what, according to the proverb?

    14. In which town did Jesus grow up?

    15. What is the name of of the dress worn by a ballerina?

    16. Which TV show features the Yes/No Game?

    17. Stratus, Cirrus and Cumulus  are all types of what?

    18. Where do mosquitoes lay their eggs?

    19. what are clogs traditionally made from?

    20. Which actor played Basil Fawlty in Fawlty Towers?

    21. Toronto is the capital of which Canadian province?

    22. Who wrote Mein Kampf?

    23. Which football team plays at Stamford Bridge?

    24. What do your arteries carry from your heart?

    25. In which northern Italian city is the Doge's Palace?

    26. If speech is silver, then what is golden according to the proverb?

    27. Which county cricket team plays at Edgbaston?

    28. What is a natterjack?

    29. Which Gladys sang the theme song to the 008 movie License to Kill?

    30. Which Hampshire town has England's largest military camp?



    1. tax

    2. Insects

    3. The Boy Scout Movement

    4. Shrove Tuesday

    5. Pink

    6. Sagittarius

    7. Aylesbury

    8. Badger

    9. Liam Gallagher

    10. Romeo and Juliet

    11. England

    12. Egypt

    13. Little Acorns

    14. Nazareth

    15. A tutu

    16. Take Your Pick

    17. Clouds

    18. In water

    19. Wood

    20. John Cleese

    21. Ontario

    22. Adolf Hitler

    23. Chelsea

    24. Blood

    25. Venice

    26. Silence

    27. Warwickshire

    28. A toad

    29. Gladys Knight

    30. Aldershot

  • Questions: 

    1. In which month is Thanksgiving celebrated in America?

    2. Where is the rattle in a rattlesnake?

    3. Which talk show hostess looks back on founding Harpo Productions?

    4. What is the opposite of an acid?

    5. What is a spinney?

    6. Who said 'To be or not to be, that is the question'?

    7. In The Bible, what were seraphim and cherubim?

    8. Which political party had Benjamin Disraeli as a leader?

    9. Which South African language derives from the Dutch settlers?

    10. Which country has the Nairobi as its capital?

    11. Cricket bats are traditionally made from which wood?

    12. How many colours are in the spectrum?

    13. What name is given to the home of an eagle?

    14. On which Street is the Bank of England?

    15. The St Leger is run at which Yorkshire race course?

    16. The original Candle in the Wind was on which album?

    17. Which coin was first introduced in the UK in 1983?

    18. For what type of dancing did Anna Pavlova achieve fame?

    19. What colour is an Amethyst?

    20. What is the only poisonous snake in Britain?

    21. Which country is native homeland to the Gurkha troops?

    22. Which phobia is the fear of open spaces?

    23. Which chemical is also known as quicksilver?

    24. Penne, rigatoni and tagliatelle are all types of what?

    25. What did the initial 'S' stand for in Winston S Churchill?

    26. Who lives in a Manse?

    27. Which Norfolk city stands on the River Wensum?

    28. What is Reuters?

    29. Who was god of war in Roman mythology?

    30. How many times does the letter 'S' appear in Mississippi? 



    1. November

    2. The tail

    3. Oprah Winfrey

    4. An alkali

    5. A small wood

    6. Hamlet

    7. Angels

    8. Conservatives

    9. Afrikaans

    10. Kenya

    11. Willow

    12. Seven

    13. An eyrie

    14. Threadneedle Street

    15. Doncaster

    16. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    17. £1

    18. Ballet

    19. Violet

    20. Adder

    21. Nepal

    22. Agoraphobia

    23. Mercury

    24. Pasta

    25. Spencer

    26. A Minister / Clergyman

    27. Norwich

    28. A News agency

    29. Mars

    30. Four

  • Questions:

    1. In which Dickens novel is the character Bill Sikes?

    2. Which alcoholic drink contains juniper as a flavour?

    3. By which name is a mausoleum at Agra, India normally known?

    4. Which dogs are a serious pest in Australia?

    5. What would your profession be if you were a member of Equity

    6. Which instruments did Antonio Stradivari produce?

    7. Which country is famous for moussaka?

    8. In which month is Father's Day in the UK?

    9. Pontoon and suspension are both types of which construction?

    10. What did the 'M' stand for in Lousia M. Alcott's name?

    11. Which name did a fairytale Queen have to guess or lose her child?

    12. What is a salary paid to a clergyman called?

    13. What colour is cochineal?

    14. The British Standards Institute uses what mark as a sign of approval?

    15. Which American city is served by Kennedy Airport?

    16. Which bird has the largest wing span?

    17. What does a cooper make?

    18. What kind of drink is Amontillado?

    19. What does an early bird catch, according to the proverb?

    20. Which Beatle's daughter is a dress designer?

    21. Bloomers and baps are both types of what?

    22. How many years are there in four and a half decades?

    23. Where are your incisors?

    24. Who, together with Tim Rice, wrote Evita?

    25. Where is Lord Nelson buried?

    26. On a staircase are the risers flat or vertical?

    27. The Cambridge, Adelphi and Lyric in London are all what?

    28. What are the two ingredients of marzipan?

    29. Billy Graham is famous for which branch of Christianity?

    30. Which black and white bird is usually accused of stealing?



    1. Oliver Twist

    2. Gin

    3. Taj Mahal

    4. Dingoes

    5. Actor/ Actress

    6. Violins

    7. Greece

    8.  June

    9. Bridges

    10. May

    11. Rumpelstiltskin

    12. A stipend

    13. Red

    14. Kite-mark

    15. New York

    16. Albatross

    17. Barrels

    18. Sherry

    19. The worm

    20. Paul McCartney

    21. Bread

    22. 45

    23. In the mouth

    24. Andrew Lloyd Webber

    25. St. Paul's Cathedral

    26. Vertical

    27. Theatres

    28. Sugar, almonds

    29. Evangelism

    30. Magpie


    1. Who won the Marathon at the 1970 Commonwealth Games?
    2. Who won the Tour de France in 1913 and 1914?
    3. Who won the Tour de France in 1924 and 1925?
    4. Who was Britain's first £100-a-week footballer?
    5. Who, in 1982, became the oldest player to win the world cup?
    6. Who, in 1991, became the first native winner of the British women's Open Squash title for 30 years?
    7. Why was football's Home International Championship abandoned in 1981?
    8. For which two counties did Tom Graveney Play cricket?
    9. How many times has the host nation won the football World Cup?
    10. In 1922, Syd Puddefoot became the first £5000 transfer when he moved from West Ham United to - where?
    11. In 1924 at the age of 49, who became the oldest payer to appear in an English FA Cup Final?
    12. In 1960, who finally beat Jesse Owen's 1936 world long jump record?
    13. In 1970, which English team won the European Cup Winners' Cup and the League Cup?
    14. In 1974, which horse became the first to win the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes two years running?
    15. In 1978, which football stadium became Britain's first all-seater?
    16. How many of his 99 Grands Prix did Jackie Stewart win?
    17. In which year was the tiebreak first used at Wimbledon'?
    18. Where were the 1936 Winter Olympics held?
    19. Where was Australian rugby league stand-off Bobby Fulton born?
    20. Where were all 18 matches in the 1930 World Cup finals played?



    1. Ron Hill
    2. Phillipe Thys
    3. Ottavio Bottecchia
    4. Johnny Haynes
    5. Dino Zoff (Italy)
    6. Lisa Opie
    7. England and Wales refused to play Northern Ireland in Belfast because of the troubles
    8. Gloucestershire and Worcestershire
    9. Six
    10. Falkirk
    11. Billy Meredith
    12. Ralph Bostson
    13. Manchester City
    14. Dahlia
    15. Aberdeen's Pittodrie
    16. Twenty-Seven
    17. 1971
    18. Garmisch-Partenkirchen
    19. Warrington, England
    20. The Centenary Stadium, Montevideo
  • Worktime Teaser TV Quiz Questions

    1. 'Thank You For Being A Friend' was the theme to which 1980s sitcom?

    2. Sarah Michelle Gellar became famous playing a high school student fighting evil demons, what was the series?

    3. Which TV channel bought the rights to Nationwide League football, but collapsed in 2002?

    4. Which 1991 film sequel starred Arnold Schwarzeneggar and was advertised under the slogan: 'It's Nothing Personal'?

    5. Who was the original host of 'Through the Keyhole'?

    6. Which '50s throwback' from 'Shooting Stars' went on to present 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks'?

    7. In what century was the 1960s series of 'Star Trek' set?

    8. On which 1990s programme did ex-West Bromich Albion player Jeff Astle appear weekly singing weakly?

    9. Ron Howard, the director of the acclaimed film 'Apollo 13', used to play the character Richie Cunningham in which 1970s sitcom?

    10. Who wrote the much filmed and televised 'Doctor' books, starting with 'Doctor in the House' in 1952?

    11. Who created and was the central star of 'The Office'?

    12. Which of these spy series ran for the greatest number of episodes?

    13. What was the title of ITVs reality show in 2002 that featured modern youth experiencing Army discipline from the days of National Service?

    14. Who played the Headmistress of St Trinian's in the classic 1950s movies?

    15. Ivan Owen created and operated which hugely successful TV puppet?




    1. The Golden Girls

    2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    3. ITV Digital

    4. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

    5. David Frost

    6. Mark Lamarr

    7. The 23rd Century

    8. Fantasy Football League

    9. Happy Days

    10. Richard Gordon

    11. Ricky Gervais

    12. 'Mission: Impossible' (171 episodes against 105 for 'The Man From UNCLE' and 52 for 'The Protectors')

    13. 'Lad's Army'

    14. Alastair Sim

    15. Basil Brush