1. Which character travelled around the work in 80n days with Passe Partout?
    2. What was the girl's school created by Ronald Searle and portrayed in several comedy films?
    3. Which author created the aggressive, lethal plants called triffids?
    4. Name the Scottish schoolteacher played by Maggie Smith in the film of Muriel Spark's novel?
    5. According to Aesop's Fable, which animal did the tortoise beat in a race?
    6. Who wrote The Last of the Mohicans?
    7. Name the young hero of Treasure Island.
    8. In which book by William Golding are Piggy and Ralph shipwrecked?
    9. Victor Hugo wrote The Hunchback of Notre Dame. What was his other famous book, the story of an escaped convict, Jean Valjean?
    10. Which character in David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens, always insisted that he was 'very 'umble'?
    11. In what London street did Sherlock Holmes live?
    12. Under what name us the author Samuel Langhorne Clemens better known?
    13. In which novel does the heroine finally marry Mr. Rochester?
    14. Whom did Minniehaha marry in Longfellow's poem?
    15. Peter Ustinov has portrayed Agatha Christie's detective Hercule Poirot in films. What nationality was Poirot?
    16. In a 17th-century novel, Don Quixote decides to become a knight. What does he begin attacking because he mistakes them for a row of giants?
    17. By what romantic name was Sir Percy Blakeney known in Baroness Orczy's novel?
    18. Which novelist wrote of a farm run by pigs and of the imaginary world of 1984?
    19. Name the character who visits Lilliput and Brobdingnag.
    20. Carrie and The Shining were both successful films. Who wrote the novels on which they were based?
    21. Which character lived at Sunnybrook Farm?
    22. Which best-selling novelist was the youngest member of the British House of Commons in 1969?
    23. Two novels by Alan Sillitoe were filmed in the 1960s. One was The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner. What was the other?
    24. Jeeves was the perfect butler. Who was his employer?
    25. In 1991 the sequel to Gone with the Wind, written by Alexandra Ripley, was published. What was the title?


    1. Phileas Fogg
    2. St. Trinian
    3. John Wyndham
    4. Miss Jean Brodie
    5. A hare
    6. James Fenimore Cooper
    7. Jim Hawkins
    8. Lord of the Flies
    9. Les Misérables
    10. Uriah Heap
    11. Baker Street
    12. Mark Twain
    13. Jane Eyre
    14. Hiawatha
    15. Belgian
    16. Windmills
    17. The Scarlet Pimpernel
    18. George Orwell
    19. Gulliver
    20. Stephen King
    21. Rebecca
    22. Jeffrey Archer
    23. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
    24. Bertie Wooster
    25. Scarlett