1. What year did Adolf Hitler rise to power in Germany?
  2. What was the name of the Italian dictator who had been in power since 1922?
  3. Which treaty had concluded peace after World War I in 1919?
  4. What was the name of the political police in Nazi Germany?
  5. Why was the night when Jewish businesses and synagogues were attacked in November 1938 called Kristal Allnacht?
  6. What was the Anschluss, which took place in March 1938?
  7. What happened on the 1st September, 1939 to precipitate the declaration of war by Britain and France?
  8. The Maginot line was a defensive system constructed to protect the French border. How did it get its name?
  9. Against which country did Hitler launch 'Operation Barbarossa'?
  10. Who was the Desert Fox?
  11. What mark did Jews under Germany rule have to wear on their clothing?
  12. American conscripts called themselves GIs. What did the initials stand for?
  13. Name the commander of the French armies in World War I who was appointed head of government after Hitler's invasion and was tried as a collaborator at the end of the war.
  14. 'Let nobody say it cannot be done. It must be done and we are prepared to do it.' Who said this about the 'victory programme' of his country?
  15. In 1941 the Japanese attacked the American fleet in Pearl Harbor. Where is Pearl Harbor?
  16. In 1943, the Red Army began to drive the Germans from Soviet territory. When they liberated Kiev, what horror did they find at Babi Yar?
  17. What was remarkable about Japanese kamikaze pilots?
  18. The codename 'Operation Overlord' was given to which military operation in 1944?
  19. Where did Churchill and Roosevelt meet Stalin for a major conference in February 1945?
  20. The first meeting of the United Nations Organization was scheduled for 25 April, 1945. What organisation did it replace?  
  21. Which German city suffered the worst bombing of the war in February 1945?
  22. The first atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. One which city was the second one dropped?
  23. What trials began in November 1945 to bring war criminals to justice?
  24. Which emperor ruled Japan at the time of the war?
  25. Name the Jewish girl who kept a famous diary while in hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam?


  1. 1933
  2. Benito Mussolini
  3. Treaty of Versailles
  4. Gestapo
  5. Because of the glass strewn across the streets; it means 'night of glass'
  6. The annexation of Austria by Germany
  7. Invasion of Poland
  8. Maginot was the minister of war who had it built
  9. Russia
  10. Field Marshall Rommel
  11. Yellow Star
  12. Government Issue
  13. Henry Pétain
  14. President Roosevelt
  15. Oahu, in the Hawaiian Islands
  16. Mass Grave
  17. They were suicide pilots, who died while deliberately crashing their planes into enemy ships.
  18. Allied landings in Normandy
  19. Yalta in the Crimea
  20. League of Nations
  21. Dresden
  22. Nagasaki
  23. Nuremberg trials
  24. Hirohito
  25. Anne Frank